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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Subtitles out of sync Samsung PS51D6900; Subtitles out of sync in Samsung’s plasma TV 50’’

Subtitles in Samsung plasma does not always work as we would like them to. I had several movies which had problems with subtitles. It turned out that it was a problem with frame rate (of 25 frames/s in my case) which Samsung’s plasmas interpret in a wrong way. The symptoms were as follows: subtitles worked correctly in Media Player Classic Home Cinema (link) but failed to work on the TV.

The problem was that these subtitles were FRAME-based. It means that the format was like this:

{3955}{4015}Do roboty!
{4021}{4112}Potrafisz byµ dupkiem, jeśli chcesz.
{4165}{4230}Głupia dziwka.
{4300}{4354}Zamknijcie lokal, gdy skończycie.

That is: {Beginning_frame}{Ending_frame}

If you want the subtitles to work in both: MPC-HC & Samsung plasma you need to convert them to srt format which looks like this:

00:00:53,520 --> 00:00:55,760
Czyli dobrze usłyszałem.
Powtarzasz to co roku.

00:00:55,920 --> 00:00:57,720
Tak, ale tym razem mówię poważnie.

00:00:57,880 --> 00:00:59,320
W końcu żyje się tylko raz.

00:00:59,480 --> 00:01:00,440


Generally ANY format which is TIME-based should work. A nice program for converting subtitles to time-based formats is here. You can download a version here as well.


  1. Interesting to see that new technology is having problems, which must be frustrating especially when televisions are so so expensive nowadays.

  2. Yeah, exactly. I was so disappointed when I found out. I have to convert EACH subtitle to time-based format before watching. Nevertheless everything else works fine. The TV manages to open all major VIDEO&SOUND formats like H.264,VMW,mp3,ogg and so on. It even opens .mkv nicely.

  3. Bartosz what did you exactly do to convert the subtitles to time format? Could you provide steps you did in Subtitle Workshop?

    1. At first I change the FPS (frame rate) in the upper/right combo box to match the subtitle FPS. Then I go to: File -> Load subtitle. If the FPS I want to have is different, then I change the FPS.

      If the resulting subtitles are a few seconds before (or after) the scene they are from I go to: Edit-> Timings -> Set delay and I set a positive (or negative) delay (with the option -> for all the subtitles).

      Then I go to File-> Save as and I select File Type: SubRip (*.srt).

      That's all.


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