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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

archlinux installing openvpn-als

pacman –S extra/openjdk6 extra/apache-ant extra/junit

download openvpn-als from:

extract it to: /opt/openvpn-als
copy tools.jar to /opt/openvpn-als/adito/lib/tools.jar and to /opt/openvpn-als/lib/tools.jar

cd /opt/openvpn-als && ant install

wait for web browser address:

good guide on installing adito is here:


  1. Unfortunately current distribution has only x86&x86_64 packages so it won't run on archlinux. The configuration went smooth up to the point where I had to run "ant start" and it tried to copy executables and install service - then it failed.

  2. nice blog.through this we can easily install openvpn service.thanks for sharing.

  3. There is also a huuge performance problem on Pogoplug (where I have archlinux installed). The JVM's performance is tragic on Arm. Every page of the configuration (from loaded for about 6-10 minutes :/

  4. interesting post, pretty much covered it all for me, thanks.

  5. This blog is good one. I like the theme of the blog.

  6. It worked perfectly with mine. Thanks.


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