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Monday, March 11, 2013

Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD (Chinese edition) C233B003/C233B001 Root and Google Apps (Google services/GApps)

The article describes rooting and gapps installation process on Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD imported from China.
The device in question: huawei site and gsm arena.

Some advice before buying/rooting:

  • DO NOT buy the Chinese version if you have a choice. Due to some licencing issues the C233B003  has NEITHER google services NOR google play/GMail/YouTube apps installed by default (GApps're actually disabled - but cannot be turned on without rooting&using a Chinese script)
  • Due to a blocked bootloader you cannot flash a European version of the ROM to a Chinese tablet - fortunately the Chinese ROM is Android 4.1.2 and has English language (but no gapps)
  • the Chinese ROM has a lot of rubbish installed - Chinese internet browsers, their own store etc.
Before flashing any ROMs you need to remember that there are 3 types of these devices:
  • S10-101w - the Wifi only version
  • S10-101L - LTE edition
  • S10-101u - 3g edition
Chinese ROM can downloaded here (huawei website).
ROM I used for S10-101w is available for direct download here.

Rooting & GApps for S10-101w C233B003/C233B001 can be download here.
(MediaPad 10 FHD固件(S10-101w,Android4.1,C233B003,中国区WIFI 4.1版本))

Rooting process & installing Google apps:

1. [Optional if already installed on a tablet] Download a Chinese ROM - Android 4.1, C233B003 (for S10-101w version)
2. Power on the device, connect the usb cable (in HiSuite mode) - download and install HiSuite from a link (or from a website).
2. Disconnect usb cable, connect it again and select MTP mode - there should a device "Huawei MediaPad" in "My computer"
3. Run "Root.bat" from the package in folder /Huawei_MediaPad_10_FHD_ChineseVersion_C233B003_C233B001_Root_And_Google_Apps/1_BootloaderUpdate/Huawei_S10-101w_V100R002C233B003_Root_Repair_Downgrade . The process takes about 12 minutes. Includes several restarts and displays several errors - in the end you should have a rooted pad.
4. Check that you have a super su app on the tablet and that you have root privileged.

Google apps:
5. The tablet is missing Google services which are required to run e.g. Google Play Store. Transfer "ActiGSM.apk" to your freshly rooted tablet and install it. Then run the script (by just simply running the application for an application drawer) which will enable google services and all google apps on your tablet.