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Monday, March 11, 2013

Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD (Chinese edition) C233B003/C233B001 Root and Google Apps (Google services/GApps)

The article describes rooting and gapps installation process on Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD imported from China.
The device in question: huawei site and gsm arena.

Some advice before buying/rooting:

  • DO NOT buy the Chinese version if you have a choice. Due to some licencing issues the C233B003  has NEITHER google services NOR google play/GMail/YouTube apps installed by default (GApps're actually disabled - but cannot be turned on without rooting&using a Chinese script)
  • Due to a blocked bootloader you cannot flash a European version of the ROM to a Chinese tablet - fortunately the Chinese ROM is Android 4.1.2 and has English language (but no gapps)
  • the Chinese ROM has a lot of rubbish installed - Chinese internet browsers, their own store etc.
Before flashing any ROMs you need to remember that there are 3 types of these devices:
  • S10-101w - the Wifi only version
  • S10-101L - LTE edition
  • S10-101u - 3g edition
Chinese ROM can downloaded here (huawei website).
ROM I used for S10-101w is available for direct download here.

Rooting & GApps for S10-101w C233B003/C233B001 can be download here.
(MediaPad 10 FHD固件(S10-101w,Android4.1,C233B003,中国区WIFI 4.1版本))

Rooting process & installing Google apps:

1. [Optional if already installed on a tablet] Download a Chinese ROM - Android 4.1, C233B003 (for S10-101w version)
2. Power on the device, connect the usb cable (in HiSuite mode) - download and install HiSuite from a link (or from a website).
2. Disconnect usb cable, connect it again and select MTP mode - there should a device "Huawei MediaPad" in "My computer"
3. Run "Root.bat" from the package in folder /Huawei_MediaPad_10_FHD_ChineseVersion_C233B003_C233B001_Root_And_Google_Apps/1_BootloaderUpdate/Huawei_S10-101w_V100R002C233B003_Root_Repair_Downgrade . The process takes about 12 minutes. Includes several restarts and displays several errors - in the end you should have a rooted pad.
4. Check that you have a super su app on the tablet and that you have root privileged.

Google apps:
5. The tablet is missing Google services which are required to run e.g. Google Play Store. Transfer "ActiGSM.apk" to your freshly rooted tablet and install it. Then run the script (by just simply running the application for an application drawer) which will enable google services and all google apps on your tablet.


  1. Will this work for
    S10-101L( LTE edition ) the international edition ?
    and do i have to install the Chinese version of ROM first ?

    1. Hi, I haven't tried this rooting method on an S10-101L device, so I cannot guarantee that it will work. Personally I think the rooting method will NOT work on an 'L' device (because of the the different ROM version).

      Here's the ROM to the EU version of the tablet:;

      As you can see it is 'C001B010SP02';

      Also I think that you cannot force a Chinese ROM to a European version of the tablet, just as you cannot force a European version to a Chinese hardware (It's blocked in the bootloader - you'd have to baypass that somehow).

      The easiest method to differentiate between the EU and Chinese version of the hardware is to look for the Google logo on the back - if it's there - you have a EU version.

    2. Fast and clear answer .
      Thanks a lot my good sir , too bad that i can't root it as it is the EU version , i mean yes it comes with Full Google support , but rooting is needed for installing Ubuntu on the tablet :(

    3. I cannot find the correct root file to download for my S10-101u. The huawei website is in chinese and very confusing. Can you please direct me to the appropriate website/link to download Chinese ROM for S10-101u?
      thank you

    4. Remember that: Due to a blocked bootloader you cannot flash a European version of the ROM to a Chinese tablet.

      For Chinese, Android 4.1, S10-101u - Try this link:

      And click on the red rectangle.

    5. thank you for replying so fast. I'm new at this so excuse my inexperience... what do you mean by "cannot flash a European version of the ROM to a Chinese tablet"? I bought my tablet from China and GPlayStore doesn't work on it (I can't even install GPlay, Chrome Drive).
      So do I follow the above instructions to root it? and then will Google application will work?

    6. Yes, then this tutorial is EXACTLY for you. I've also bought my device from China and was really disappointed when I found out that the device had no gapps. I thought it's impossible to buy a 399$ device with no Google Play. I was a little bit pissed at that time.

      By cannot flash a European version of the ROM to a Chinese tablet" I meant that you cannot flash a European ROM to a Chinese device (European ROM has gapps by default)... and also the other way round - you cannot flash a Chinese ROM to a European device.

    7. I was very upset at Huawei too. Here in Greece the official Huawei representative refuses to assit me beacuse this devise is not sold in Greece yet!!!

      The above link has been removed from Huawei website and can't find the file to download. Can you suggest a different website to download it?.

      thank you

  2. Mr. Kosarzycki,
    Will you help me step-by-step via Skype to root my Huawei Mediapad 10 fhd and install/run Google Play Store? I will donate via Paypal.
    Please contact me at:
    Thank you

  3. Hey Bartosz,

    Just a quick word of thanks. Your root process worked great on my 101u(3G) version of the device.

    Thanks again!

    1. Tim,
      From where did you download the GApps for 101u(3G)? The links shared by Bartosz is for 101w(WiFi only).

  4. please i have the same problem with my 101u(3G) any help !!!

  5. Thanks Bartosz for writing such a helpful blog on rooting Huawei Mediapad 10" Tablet PCs that are purchased from China.
    I'm also facing the same trouble & was halfway thru' your step-by-step guide only to Pause at not being able to get the Root & GApps S10-101u from anywhere possible. Can you please help. Thanks in advance.

    1. I'd love to help you but I came into possession of these helpful scripts from a Chinese forum somewhere (which is no longer available). It was only for w&l versions. I figured that I can write this tutorial to help those who cannot speak Chinese.
      @tschallb wrote that it worked on his 3G version. Maybe you could ask him to post a link somewhere in the comments below this post.... or send me a link and I will upload it.

    2. One more thing... (if you don't know this already...) The "ActiGSM.apk" should work for you with no additional problems.... getting root privileges is your problem as in my 7zip there are only methods for w&l devices....

    3. Thanks Bartosz,
      I appreciate your quick response. I did put a request to Tim on his reply & yes, the ActiGSM.apk is common for all hardware types, but the rooting kit needs to be particular for a given model U vs W vs L

  6. Hello, good day. First of all, thanks for the post. I have been looking something like this for awhile. I have the same problem with my device. Please excuse my inexperience, I would really appreciate it if I can get some clarifications.

    1) In step #2, do I just run HiSuite on my computer, put the tablet in HiSuite mode, then disconnect to get to step #3?
    2) In steps #3 and #4, after I select MTP mode, where do I run "Root.bat" from? Do I transfer it first to the tablet then run it, or do I just run it directly on my computer? Do I need to run it from a specific folder (tablet/computer)? I tried both several times but I'm sure I didn't do it right.

    Thank you.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Phone Call Huawei Mediapad 10 fhd 3G

      Phone call can be activated on Chinese rom with a littel patch.

      all you need is ROM+Root+Patch+and an SD Card in case


      Flash blow rom on your device with sdcard upgrade.

      [ROM] Mediapad 10 fhd rom JB-4.1 -C233B003__3G_4.1_05011QWA :

      "Remove space form links"

      1- for phone call first you need to root ur Mediapad 10 FHD
      1-a) root with (thanks to solidadeva)

      then after rooting.

      2- Download this file and extract it( the password is "yamolaali":

      after extract the above file or Ur PC
      set you Mediapad 10 FHD USB Debugging checked and Driver installed

      on Ur PC run :" Huawei MediaPad 4.1.2 official version of the B003 voice patch-BY SOLIDADEVA.bat " from extracted folder (2).

      the cmd windows will give a massage just press OK and wait until see " press any key to continue" on cmd window.

      Ur Mediapad10 FHD will boot up, after boot put an SD-Card into the slot on device its better to be empty SD-Card formatted in fat32.

      In apps you will see a new app named "PhonePatch2"
      Open it
      press the first button from top and give root access by press allow or grant button.

      after an little tablet restarts and now open the phonepatch2 again and press the second button form top to install Phone app press "Always Allow".

      after a minute or two you'll see phone app appear on app-list.

      just restart your Mediapad 10 FHD once more and ready to make calls.

      Thanks to Mobilestan Forum member "Solidadeva"

      for having Google apps you should root your Mediapad 10 FHD and then download
      [remove space]
      and install "actiGSM.apk" on device
      after opening the app just tap on left button and it restart device and Google apps will be available

      link of Persian source:

  8. Is there any way to test rational sensors can't play came with rotational abilities

  9. Próbujesz coś jeszcze na tym tablecie ???

    Czy jak wyjdzie europejska wersja 4.1.2 to myslisz że da się zastosować metodę na dzwonienie z tego tableta ??

  10. This worked as stated on my Chinese mediapad fhd 10. I had already managed to root my machine using VRoot_1.7.4 (google it)
    Huawei mediapad FHD10 build number S10-101wV100R001C233BO15
    Thank you you are a superstar


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