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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Virtual Gallery - Gesture Recognition Gallery

The idea behind this project was to create a gallery that could be controlled without mouse/keyboard. The operator can define markers and then use them to control the whole gallery. There are gestures for zooming, moving to next image etc.

The main library used in this project is called touchless and was created by Microsoft. A brief description can be found here:

We used C#, .NET and new WPF GUI to make it shiny ;) The application consists of two main parts. The first part is executed at launch. One can define markers and check camera image at this point. We can check marker acquisition quality and other properties. The second part launches after pressing "launch gallery" button. This part is written in WPF. One can navigate using keyboard/mouse or GESTURES :).

Notes on markers:
Best markers are of bright/lurid color. There is no golden rule but a marker has to be easily distinguished from the environment. REMEMBER: you need two markers - the application has to distinguish between them as well. You can use red LEGO block and a blue LEGO block. Try wearing black shirt while experimenting - it can help.

- Launch the application
- Press "add a marker" - the image freezes - you can select marker now
- Press a LMB on the center of the marker and drag to the outer end of the marker (the application draws an invisible circle around the marker)
- Add a second marker
- Press "launch gallery" (you can launch the gallery without adding markers or having camera image)
- Press "launch gallery" in WPF - it loads images in $APP_EXEC_PATH$/images
- Navigate with mouse/keyboard or gestures

Keyboard shortcuts:
Esc - back/exit
left/right arrow - rotate
up/down arrow - zoom in/zoom out
page up/down while in single image - previous/next image
page up/down while in gallery - previous/next page of images

Gestures dictionary:
COMING SOON :)  - see video sample for now.

Video on youtube demonstrating the project:

Gallery of images:

Executable version 32-bit Windows:

authors: Bartosz Kosarzycki, Łukasz Rek

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