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Monday, February 14, 2011

RUU for google Android phones

If you have a rooted google Android phone you can download original Froyo images from here:

- Blade
- Desire
- DesireHD
- Hero
- Tatoo
- Wildfire

For Wildfire the newest Froyo RUU is from 09 Jan 2011:

There's a large repository of Shipped (RUU) roms at:


  1. Is it possible to use any of the google android phones with WiFi only?

  2. @Silver MLM
    Well if you mean you don't want to pay for GPRS data transmission, the anwser is - yes, you don't need GSM data connection to use Android phones. WiFi is enough. You only need to download a program called "APNDroid" which will block all GSM data connections leaving WiFi & MMS. I think it will suit your needs.

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