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Sunday, February 6, 2011

CUPS – installing HP LaserJet 1100 on Windows 7 x64

There are two problems to begin with:
a) Microsoft has deleted old drivers from Windows 7 at default
b) CUPS is not recognized by automatic Windows 7 network printer search

When I tried to install the HP LaserJet 1100 the normal way Windows 7 didn’t want to install drivers for x86 (the only one I had). I didn’t have “Windows Update” option/button HP suggested me to use.

Then I learned about “Print Management” which resolved the issue.

CUPS is “Common Unix Printing System”


The procedure is:

  • Open “Print Management” (start->type: “Print Management”)
  • Navigate to Print Servers->your_print_server->Drivers
  • right-click in the open tab and choose “add driver”


  • Click next
  • Select ONLY x64 architecture (if you select both you won’t have Windows Update button!)
  • Click Windows Update Button
  • WAIT – about 3 minutes (yeaahhh!) Smile
  • This process takes a lot of CPU time


  • Select HP –> HP Laser Jet 1100


  • You have a 64bit printer driver!


Now install printer from CUPS:

  • Open printers (search->type “printers”)
  • right-click –> add printer
  • choose a “network printer”
  • and then “select a printer by name”

    This address contains CUPS port (631) and printer name (HP_LasertJet_1100) – your address might be (and probably will) be different.
  • Wait for a connection
  • Select newly installed x64 driver Smile


  1. Thank you for this. I did this on my old system, but forgot how I'd done it!

  2. Thank u sooooooo much!!! thought i would never find a solution.
    Now i can print again with my windows 8.
    For the non english users it's Printmanagement.msc to be searched for, Print Management won't find a thing ;)

  3. Hi,
    My compay blocks windows update, can you take the driver you use now and share it?

  4. Thanks. The driver is indeed in Windows Update, I had no need to use CUPS. Just went to Printer Properties -> Advanced -> New Driver -> Windows Update and it took like 10 minutes. Windows 7 Professional X64

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