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Friday, May 31, 2013

Stable, working Android 4.0 / 4.1 on Galaxy S Advance I9070 - my expieience

In this short post I'm gonna present my view on the current Android development stage on Android 4.0 on Galaxy S Advance I9070.
First of all, my device was purchased from Polish carrier PLAY. This flavored ROM still has 2.3 gingerbread. How ridiculous it may sound, the ICS version is not going to come soon in Poland...
There was an official version for pure PL version of 4.1.2 - XXLQE which was a mess.

My advice - do NOT install this ROM - I9070XXLQE has some modem issues - it looses coverage, the 3G does not work. It's a total disaster and was pulled of Samsung Air....
Similar problems are depicted here:

The stable release I'd found is the Russian version: I9070XXLQ4.

Model: GT-I9070
Country: Russia
Changelist: N/A
Build date: N/A
Product Code: SER

After upgrade from Polish 2.3 (which was buggy as well), in 4.1 the phone does not loose coverage and the coverage is a lot better. It also has less lags. 
The Android 2.3 lag issue in Galaxy S Advance I9070 was mainly with the phone app - when you wanted to dial a number, you chose the person and clicked the "dial" button.... and nothing happened. Most of the cases I was starting to get irritated and quit the phone app.... then all of a sudden the phone was starting to dial the number I had chosen earlier....

Actually with CWM you can install ROMs from XDA, but the one I tried was buggy, badly translated and the AOSP experience was not really AOSP..... it was a theme that was badly applied, so I do not recommend this one:
( [Rom][JB] Pure Vanilla (AOSP) ★ Smoothness Refined ★ Debloated (29/5/13))

Have anyone tried:
([I9070 JB] Full JB ROM deodex + MODS))

( [JB STOCK MOD][I9070] Android AOSP like --> Simple Droid v3 [21.02.Update])

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