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Friday, May 10, 2013

Oracle VirtualBox / VBox - mount share on linux, vbox linux shared folder

Mounting Oracle VBox share on linux is much easier than you might think.
1. Install VBox tools on the linux guest operating system (VM->Devices->Install Guest Additions)

After the tools have been successfully installed configure a shared folder in Devices->Shared folders.
Write down the name of the share (Name of the shared folder).

The mount should be done automatically to the folder:
(Remember that only a root user will have privileged to that read/write to that folder)

Alternatively you can mount the folder yourself with the command:

mount -t vboxsf YourFolderName /home/user/vboxsharefolder

where YourFolderName is the name of the VirtualBox share,
and /home/user/vboxsharefolder is a previously created folder to which you have appropriate privileges.

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