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Monday, May 9, 2011

PowerPoint 2010 hard space; how to insert hard space in PowerPoint 2010;

PowerPoint is a little bit weird. On one hand there is no hard space (ctrl + space, ctrl + alt + space  do not work). On the other hand, however, inserting hard space from num pad works. PowerPoint NOT ONLY inserts this character but INTERPRETS it right – so keeps word after it together with the word before hard space.

To insert hard space:

alt + 0160

(keep alt pressed and press on numpad ‘0’,’1’,’6’,’0’ and release alt).


  1. Replies
    1. thanks. why dont MS let us use ctrl-shift-space in powerpoint?

    2. I don't really know... but it was annoying as hell to me.

  2. You know, this indicates the arrogance and ignorance of the MS programmers. Perhaps the folks they hire do not understand the niceties of having the written word easy to understand. Beyond annoying.

  3. You'd think by 2012 they would have this fixed.

    You'd think they would have the compatbility from Word.

  4. Indeed! BTW what if you have a reduced (MS in my case) keyboard without a numeric keypad?

    1. you can also use insert symbol, then type in the character code 160 and select from ASCII (decimal) and that works

  5. Hey,

    a big thanks.

    Kudos also for getting to the top of Google for "hard space in powerpoint 2010"


  6. thanks - it would be great if Office help was as helpful as this.

  7. Thank you!!! works perfectly

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