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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Xming Remote X11 server for Windows

If you want to connect to X11 to a linux-based system Xming is the way to go.
It creates a simple, lightweight X11 server on your Windows installation so that is extremely easy to connect.

Just install the newest version of:

Connect throgh ssh to a remote server and execute a script similar to this:

export DISPLAY=

Of course you can swap gnome-session with any of your favorite Graphical Desktop Managers (GDM).


  1. When you run XMing under Windows use:
    XLaunch executable instead of XMing.
    It will fire up a wizzard to configure connections.

    Choose "One window", then "Start no client" and ENABLE "No access control".

    If you don't enable the latter option it won't work.

  2. Thanks. I was just looking for a quick introduction to how to use Xming, and this post is exactly what I needed.


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