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Friday, November 28, 2014

Build Android apps as Chrome apps/extensions, Build Android apps for ChromeOS, configure build server

What I want to accomplish is configure a build server (like TeamCity) to build an Android application from source and convert it to a chrome extension that can be published on Chrome WebStore as an application.

First of all you can read this source which explains how to run android apps in chrome.

1. Download ARChon runtime and install it as an extenion in Chrome.

2. You can convert your apk manually with this chrome extension - Twerk

3. To enable Chrome App Launcher on Ubuntu (speeds up app launching) - follow this link.

4. Install chromeos-apk

  1. In a terminal, run the following command: sudo apt-get install npm
  2. (Ubuntu only): Run the following command: sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++6
  3. Download node.js.
  4. Unzip the tar.gz file you downloaded from the above link.
  5. Per the README file, open a terminal to the unzipped folder containing node.js. And run the following commands in order:
    1. ./configure
    2. make
    3. make install
  6. Run the command: sudo npm install chromeos-apk -g
  7. To make sure you're updated to the latest version (now or in the future), run: sudo npm install -g chromeos-apk@latest
5. Convert your compiled application in apk to chrome app with:

chromeos-apk --tablet --scale --name ApplicationName application.apk

5. Remember - to update the chromeos-apk plugin just run:

sudo npm install -g chromeos-apk@latest


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