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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Midnight Commander tutorial

Quick view - Ctrl-x + q     Allows you to view file content in a separate window easily
Search for file  - Ctrl + s    Narrows down the file list to the individual file you're looking for
Compress file  - F2 then 3   compresses the current subdirectory to tar.gz
Refresh file list - Ctrl + r
Show console/Hide panels - Ctrl + O      Shows the underlying console window
Copy the highlighted file name to lower console line - Ctrl+j
Select a group of file -   +         Select a group of files based on a regexp
Frequently selected ftp sites (directory hotlist) -    Ctrl +  \
find files/find file content/find string in text file -   Alt + ?
see directory size/how much space a directory occupies -  Ctrl + space
change the size (width) of tabs, change left-right window width - Ctrl + Shift + left/right arrow
select all files and subfolders - Alt + Shift + '='      and enter '*' pattern
select the same directory on the second pane - Alt + 'i'

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