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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ubuntu TeamCity No suitable JDBC driver found for database type: MySQL

Due to licensing terms, TeamCity does not bundle driver jars for external databases. You will need to download the Java driver and put the appropriate jars (see below) from it into <TeamCity Data Directory>/lib/jdbc directory (create it if necessary).

apt-get install libmysql-java
cp /usr/share/java/mysql.jar ~/.BuildServer/lib/jdbc/

[2013-06-09 18:39:34,963]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.STARTUP - Current stage: Checking the database
[2013-06-09 18:39:36,581]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.STARTUP - Database contains no tables.
[2013-06-09 18:39:36,582]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.STARTUP - Current stage: Database is empty or doesn't exist

-> Just login to TeamCity via WWW ( and open administration panel (giving authorization token). From there you can initialize new database.


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