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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Android delete national characters from SMS by default; Android send sms without polish characters

If you want to send sms without national characters (in other words delete polish or other weird characters from your sms) and save some money on sms bills try this on Android:

If you have Samsung Galaxy S2 (maybe some other Samsung devices as well):
- go to: SMS messages –> Settings –> Input mode –> GSM alphabet
(choose the option GSM alphabet instead of Unicode one and your smses will be sent without national characters)

If you have other devices:
- install “GO SMS Pro” from Market.

Gosms - setting – advanced settings – settings for sending - switch on national setting

This application has the option called:

“Localization support for accented chars: by enabling Czech, Polish and French SMS mode “ which will delete your national characters from smses in Android.


  1. From Android API level 4 there a function called:

    public static SmsMessage.SubmitPdu getSubmitPdu (String scAddress, String destinationAddress, String message, boolean statusReportRequested);

    which is supposed to send an sms without using any unicode characters.

  2. REMEMBER: YOU NEED TO restart "Go SMS" to make the newly set settings take any effect!

  3. Hi I have a question about SMS in Poland, any insight you might have would be greatly appreciated. I have an application that sends SMS messages to Poland using national characters, but my tester in Poland said the message received replaced the national characters with "???" the messages are sent in unicode. Are most cell phones in Poland set up to display national characters? Would it be smarter to replace the national characters with non-national ones to ensure delivery? Is this common for SMS messages in Poland? Thanks for your assistance.

  4. The situation from my experience is as follows:
    1. Most of the devices (like 90% of all mobiles) understand UTF encoding and can display polish characters
    2. People are accustomed, however, to switch UTF off as it allows to send about 70 characters instead of around 140.
    3. Still, if you receive a message in UTF your mobile will most likely be able to display it correctly
    4. As people are accustomed to receive messages without polish characters in SMS (as there was no polish characters when mobiles were introduced and everyone got used to it) you could replace polish characters e.g.:
    'ś' -> 's'
    'ć' -> 'c'

    I'm not aware, on the other hand, where your problems lies.
    Happy coding,

    1. Thanks a lot I really appreciate the feedback/assistance.

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