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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Notepad++ XML Tools Pretty print Errors detected in content

If you’ve installed XML Tools for Notepad++ and after pressing ctrl+shift+alt+B (pretty format XML with line breaks) you get an error:

“Error in content. […..]”

Look for ANY non-UTF-8 characters in your XML. That could be the case.


  1. Why can't this be ignored by the plugin. I just want the pretty print. With large XML files it can be a pain looking for that one character. XML Spy 2010+ does work with these characters, even with multiple root elements.

  2. Thanks for the hint: non-UTF-8 characters were causing problems with the pretty print. Thanks again!

  3. This is not the problem. The same text works on another station.

  4. I made mine working. I had to let only lines between <...> ;)

  5. This was the problem for me, I replaced all instances of the "&" character with underscores, then process worked fine.


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